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How Do I Send a Callout for Urgent Assistance?

The Callout icon is located on the Edulink One homepage and must be configured in the General tab before use. Click the Callout Icon to request urgent assistance when a learner needs to be removed from the lesson.

Callout Icon

Then, click on the New button to generate a callout.

Callout for Learner Removal: Sending a new callout
New Callout

A new callout will be generated with the details of the class and the teacher requesting assistance. Finally, click New Callout.

New Callout description

The Time of callout, Acknowledgement of the callout and the Responding Employee is visible in the table below the New button, once a new callout has been generated.

Responding Employee View: New Callout
New Callout

The responding employee receives an alert and will attend the lesson to provide.


MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 12 June 2024

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