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How Do I Book a Resource or a Room in Edulink One?

Teachers can access resource booking through Edulink One’s Resource Booking icon. First, teachers must log in to Edulink One using their credentials, and then they need to locate the Resource Booking icon on the homepage. Every teacher’s page will be a bit different depending on their level of access to Edulink One; however, most staff can access Resource Booking on the main homepage.

Teachers need to click on Resource Booking to open the resource booking window. At the top of the window are two tabs, one for bookings and one for changes. Teachers can book out rooms and resources in the Bookings tab, which opens automatically, and they can view room/ resources changes and closures in the Changes tab.

Resource Booking icon
Resource Booking Icon

Booking a Room

In the left pane, teachers can select the booking date and time using Date; they can also use the arrows at the top of the booking table to change the date.

Resource booking window
Resource Booking Window

Name: Teachers can type in the name of the room they would like to book, e.g. IT to view IT suites.

Category: Teachers can filter by resource category, which might be a room or resources allocated to a room.

Free: Teachers can filter by period to see whether a room or resource is free.

Resource filters
Resource Filters

To book a room, teachers should select the blue Book button (this indicates that the rooms are available to book). Teachers timetabled in a room appear in grey, as well as rooms that have been booked. Additionally, booked rooms have an ‘i’ in a blue circle, which provides further information regarding the room booking.

Book Button
Book Button

A window requesting additional information appears and you must select the Book until (consecutive) date to choose the date and time of booking. You can book for multiple periods this way unless it is already timetabled as a timetabled class has priority. Furthermore, if you would like to book the room for a certain period weekly, you can select the number of weeks they would like to repeat a booking.

If you work in a school on a two-week timetable, you must consider the Week A/ Week B rota when booking on repeat.

If you would like to book the same time every week, e.g. Registration, you must book the current week (e.g. Week A) and then repeat the booking for the number of Week As you would like to book. This would be (weeks 1, 3, 5, etc…) according to the timetable.

Next, you must then go back in to book the resource or room for Week B (select the date and time of the following week) and state the number of weeks you would like the booking to repeat on Week B (weeks 2, 4, 6 etc…).

Once the bookings for both weeks A and weeks B have been completed, you will have consecutive bookings for weeks 1, 2, 3, 4 and so forth.

Week A and Week B timetable example

Additional booking information
Additional Booking Information

Information: The information box should be filled out with details regarding the resource booking. This is a compulsory field and must be completed to book the room or resource.

Information box

Once the booking information is complete, the teacher must press the Book button to save the booking. A green ‘Period was booked’ message appears if the booking is successful. However, a red error message appears to indicate issues with the booking.

Book button
Book Button

Moving a Booking or Lesson

Teachers can move their lessons to another room by selecting the purple Move button.

Move button
Move Button

Next, an Edit Event window appears where the teacher selects the room they would like to move to. Teachers can move to any available room that appears in the dropdown menu in Edit Event— they must select the room from the list and then press the Save button.

Edit event window
Edit Event Window

The teacher’s lesson will automatically move to the new room.

Delete a Booking

Teachers bookings appear on the booking table. If a teacher no longer needs a room that they have booked, they can easily delete the room using the Delete button.

The teacher needs to press the delete button to automatically cancel the room.

Delete button

If successful, a green message appears stating ‘ Period was successfully unbooked’ to indicate the room is cancelled.

Success message

Change Tab

The change tab at the top of the booking window lets teachers know which changes have been made to rooms or resources. Teachers can also view room closures in this area.

Any room changes are detailed in the table under Room Changes. The period, teaching group, teacher, from and to rooms appear in the table as well as the method of change, in this case, Edulink One.

Room closures appear above room changes. The reason for the closure and the closure dates will appear in the room closures table as well.

Teachers can print the room changes and room closures at the bottom of the table. To print, they need to select the Print button.

Change tab
Change Tab

A PDF generates when the print button is pressed. Teachers can print the PDF in the application.

Room Changes PDF
Room Changes PDF

Lastly, to exit Resource Booking, teachers must select the back key on top of the Resource Booking Icon to return to the main page.

Back Button
Back Button

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Updated on 3 August 2022

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