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How Do I Archive My Forms?

You can archive forms in the Forms function of Edulink One, helping you to clear a cluttered Active tab. Additionally, forms are preserved, meaning you can return to any historic form quickly to clone and reuse it.

You cannot delete forms after creating them. Archiving your forms will help you to know which forms are active and which forms are past their date.

Log in to Edulink One and go to the Forms icon on the homepage. Click on the icon to view the Forms window.

Forms Icon in Edulink One
Forms Icon

Select the Modify icon or Clone icon to archive your form.

Once a form is past its due date, you can only archive it by selecting the Modify or Clone icons in the forms table.

Modify or clone

Modify or Clone

Next, tick the Archived box at the bottom of the form send it to the Archive tab.

Tick the archived box to archive your form.
Archived Box

To proceed, click the Update button to save this action. A green message will appear stating ‘Form successfully updated’.

Update Button
Update Button

The form will now appear in the Archive tab.

Viewing, Modifying, Cloning and Completing Forms Video

MIS Compatability

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 14 February 2024

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