How Do I Access Class Dashboard?

The Class Dashboards feature allows you to view your learners and their data, such as behaviour points, achievement points, attendance percentage and up to three assessment aspects set up by your Edulink One administrator. You can access your class dashboards in the Registers function of Edulink One. To begin, log in to your Edulink One homepage, go to your Registers icon and click on it.

Registers icon

Class dashboards correspond to each class you are teaching (if they have been configured). If you want to use class dashboards, but your administrator has not configured them yet, they can set them up using the following page to help.

Click on one of your registers to view the class dashboard.

Enter a register to view class dashboard

Once in your register, three tabs appear at the top. Click on the tab labelled ‘Dashboard’.

The class dashboard outlines the details of your learners. The example below is a Year 11 form group containing the information your administrator has enabled.

The information visible will vary from school to school, so if there is an area you would like to view that isn’t available at your school, contact your Edulink One administrator to change the display options.

The class dashboard covers the following areas, but not all might appear in your dashboard:

Student DetailsThe students’ first names and surnames appear in the first column of your class dashboard.

First name and surname filters

The Form of your learners could appear next if configured.

Form cell

The House might be configured next.

House cell

Your administrator may have allowed you to see which learners have medical needs.

Medical cell

EAL, Pupil Premium (PP) and SEN codes might appear next if they have been enabled.

EAL column
PP column
Pupil Premium
SEN Code column
SEN codes

Behaviour, Achievement and Attendance Figures

Additionally, behaviour, achievement and attendance data might be visible and they could be colour-coded. Your administrator configures this in the Class Dashboard tab.

Behaviour count
Behaviour data
Achievement count
Achievement data
Attendance data
Attendance data

Assessment Data Columns

Other columns that could be displayed are assessment data based on the aspects configured by your administrator in the Class Dashboard tab.

Assessment examples in class dashboard

Once you are finished viewing your data, return to the Edulink One homepage by clicking the back arrow on the Registers icon.

Back to homepage

Class Dashboard Video

MIS Compatibility

Please note that the assessment data portion of Class Dashboard does not currently work with Bromcom.

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 5 July 2024

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