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How Can I Read Edulink One in another Language?

Edulink One does not possess an internal translator; however, you can easily translate your Edulink One website using Google Translate.

Go to the Translator, switch from ‘Text’ translation to ‘Websites’ translation, and input the Edulink One URL at www.edulinkone.com.

Websites translator

Next, click the Translate button.

Translate button

You will be redirected to Edulink One’s login screen where you will need to input your school’s ID or postcode. Click the current language at the top to change to a new language.

School ID or Postcode page- You can change the language here.

Select the language you need from the list of languages provided.

List of languages

The translation will appear once you have changed the language. Input your school ID or postcode, which will take you to the login screen.

School ID example
School ID example: Polish

Type your username and password if you are using a manual login, then press ‘Login’.

Login screen example
Login example: Polish

The homepage will appear in the translation of your choice.

Homepage translation example
Homepage example (Romanian)
Homepage example 2
Homepage example 2 (Simplified Chinese)

Navigate your pages as usual. The translations will appear as you are using each feature.

Example of Forms page translation
Example of Forms page translation: Arabic

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 3 January 2024

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