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How Can I Pull in Reports Created in SIMS to Edulink One?

Reports issued from linked documents in SIMS are displayed in the Documents function for learners.

Documents icon

Note: If teachers want to see a learner’s report, they must use their Learners icon to enter the learner’s screen. Then, they can see reports in the Documents area.

If you cannot see the documents (report) you expect, check the Document Types field in the Documents tab in the administration settings. It is also worth checking that you have enabled the documents screen for your users; turn this to ‘ON’. Additionally, make sure your filter is set to ‘Allow Access’ if you plan to allow certain document types.

You can set the filter type to Deny Access and tick all the applicable documents you would like to deny user groups access to, but this is more cumbersome.

Documents tab
Select the correct Document types

If the document (report) you are expecting does not appear here, run a document cache refresh in the Welcome tab of the administration settings selecting the ‘Sync Documents Only‘ button.

A message stating the type of cache you are running and when it began will appear. This should take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

Cache sync in progress

Your document should then appear in the Document Types field in the Documents tab. Select the document and click Save at the bottom of your screen.

Save button

The document should now appear in the learner’s Documents icon.

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 5 January 2024

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