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Creating a Test Parents’ Evening

You can set up a test Parents’ Evening to help navigate issues that could occur prior to your actual Parents’ Evening. Prior to the test, select a couple of employees that have children at your school (if you have any), so you can test the event.

For this to work, you will need to have employees at the school with children.

You can find out more about setting up video conferencing with Twilio here.

All details regarding setting up video conferencing can be found here:

You can send your staff the link for the Twilio Network Test. This will test whether their device is able to share the camera and microphone and whether they can connect to the Twilio system, any failings you can investigate.

Before the parents’ evening on the day, check Twilio’s Status page https://status.twilio.com/
Scroll down and on the left-hand side column to ‘Programmable Video’ and make sure all the options are green.

If you are still having issues and the tests fail, please check your firewall allows access to *.twilio.com.

Create a Test Parents’ Evening

Parents' Evening icon

Log into Edulink One, select the Parents’ Evening icon and click the ‘Add Event’ button.

Add Event button

Fill in a name for the event, ‘Test Event’, for example.

Name field: Test Event

Set the date of the event as the day you are planning on testing and then set the event to last 2 hours; this should be enough time to test it.

Select date and times

Ensure that you make the bookings available to parents immediately and set the slot duration to be 1-2 minutes in length. Additionally, ensure that you do not set an interval as it is not necessary during testing. This will give you enough slots to reschedule the student during the event run time if the test fails.

Available to parents calendar
Slot duration and Interval

Select the children of the employees you have chosen to test.

Select Learner(s)
Learners added (preview)

Next, tick ‘Video Conference’.

Tick video conference

Click ‘Next Step’ you will get to the Preview screen. Untick all of the teaching groups and select ‘Create’.

Untick teaching groups

Modify a Test Parents’ Evening

You will return to the main screen where you need to select ‘Details’ on the test parents’ evening.

Details button

Select the green ‘Teachers +’ button and add yourself and any others you wish to include in the test.

Teachers + button
Add teacher

You will see your name appear in the table under ‘Teachers’. Click the pencil next to the ‘Learners’ column press this and add the employees’ children you added to the event when you created it.

Update Learners

In the ‘Subject’ window, you can just type ‘test’. Repeat if you have multiple staff testing.

Learners Update

You will see in the ‘Learners’ column the number of students you have added.


Next, click on the staff member’s name and select ‘book’.

Book button

Select the employee’s child’s name and the employee parent you wish to have on the other end of the parents’ evening.

Book the learner and the employee parent

Select ‘Show Slots’ and choose a time slot. You can only pick one slot, but if you miss it or want to test again, you can come into this screen and schedule another slot after the first one has expired. (That same teacher can see the same pupil multiple times, so you can test different devices).

Show Slots (select a time slot)

Do this for all test teachers and then wait for the test parents’ evening to start.

Log in to one device as yourself and any other teachers you are using to test; log in to another device as the parent employee of the child(ren) you are using to test the event.

You can log in to another employee’s account through the Login tab in the Administration settings.

You will need to click ‘Start Appointments’ on your device to open the video conference. Then, you will also need to click ‘Start Appointments’ on the second device (or inform the employee parent you are testing with to do this).

Start Appointments

Make sure you accept the ‘Allow browser to use Camera and Mic’ to ensure these are enabled for your test.

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility: SIMS Yes
                               Arbor Yes
Updated on 27 September 2023

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