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Can I Remove the Homework ‘Completed’ Option for Students?

You cannot remove this from the Homework settings.

The student must click ‘complete’ when the homework is done; otherwise, they’ll get a message saying they have not completed it. Moreover, it will show as incomplete to staff when it has been done.

Staff will need to remind learners to click on the ‘Completed‘ button when it has been done to avoid getting the message.

If there are issues with the work submitted, or the teacher has not received it, the teacher can press the click on the blue Learners button in their Homework screen. This will open a new window outlining the homework status for all learners.

Learners Column in the Homework screen.

Next, if they have not received the homework, teachers can select the ‘No‘ button under the Received column.

The learner’s homework table will appear as follows:

Homework not received (Learner view)

This gives the learner time to resubmit the work.

MIS Compatibility

MIS Compatibility
Updated on 1 September 2022

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