Adding a Form Group to an Applicant

You can add a form group to an applicant in Edulink One by updating Admissions in the Focus tab in SIMS.

It is important to note that adding a form group to an applicant will reflect the current timetable. Therefore, the current form tutor for that form will be displayed and may not be the form tutor they will have.

Additionally, Edulink One will only pull form groups if they already exist for this academic year and are already in SIMS. If the form names are changing, then this information will not be pulled through until the timetable has rolled forward to the next academic year.

Click on Applicants

Next, search for the learners and input their Registration Group in SIMS.

Add the learner's registration group

Save the registration group.

Save the registration group

Next, log in to Edulink One and go to the administration settings. Once on the welcome page, scroll to the bottom and run a cache.

Run a cache

Once the cache has been refreshed, the applicant’s account details will be updated.

An Applicant’s Parent’s view of Account Info with a Form Group allocated

Remember the teacher assigned to this form from this academic will appear and not the new teacher unless you change the timetable.

Teachers or House leaders can also filter admissions in Communicator by selecting the form in the Form Group field.

Employees would also be able to message the form group to these parents using the variable {{}}.

And the parents will see the form group in their message:

Updated on 29 June 2022

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